The strategic goals that we aim to achieve are expressed in: 

1.  The effective asset management of the group companies operating in the following main business areas: 

"Energy" - production of electricity from renewable energy sources in compliance with the world environmental standards. The activity is carried out through Union Electric EAD and its subsidiaries. 

"Real estate" - acquisition of investment properties (commercial and office buildings) for the purpose of leasing and management; Construction of residential complexes of closed type for sale. The activities are carried out, respectively, through Union Property EAD and its subsidiaries and by Union Assets EOOD.

"Shipbuilding and river cruise tourism - the activity is carried out by Dunav Tours AD and its subsidiaries, in more than ten European countries - along the rivers Danube, Rhine, Moselle and their connecting water channels.

2. Business diversification in different branches of the economy.

3. Optimal use of the opportunities provided by Bulgaria's accession to the European Union.

4. Long-term and sustainable return on investments.                                             .

5. Partnership with prestigious European institutions and companies.